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Move from brokenness to wholeness with the support of a strong sisterhood.

I am naked and unafraid because I have shared my pain, shame and guilt with other women and received love, compassion and understanding in return.
— Jamella Stroud
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The 2019 Naked & Unafraid Retreat & book collaboration

10 Women will gather in Dallas, TX to take our healing a step further.  Be apart of this 3 day experience that will ignite your freedom, unleash your courage, and help you discover your authentic self. It's time for extraordinary success in your life, relationships, family, business and community.  This can be the start.

Get the fuel you need to live the life you want!

Here's how you can join the movement!

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The Undressing Room

FREE Resource Library

Unclothe - It's time to remove the layers so you can live bold, free and authentically.  The eBooks, audios, and videos in this FREE Resource Library are designed to support you while on your journey and to help you GET Naked, emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and physically. Visit the UNDRESSING ROOM as often as you like.   

I am Naked and Unafraid because I want to show my sisters it is not only ok but powerful to use your voice to affect positive change and live in wholeness.
— Allison Arnett

Are you brave enough to be Naked & Unafraid?