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Woman! It’s time to be free


I know you can relate to


•   thinking people (or even yourself) are always doing you wrong or letting you down

•   life happening and you and your desires somehow getting lost in the shuffle

•   wanting to learn a different or better way to live and be and not knowing where to start

•   feeling powerless to do new things in your life

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Well Sis, You are not alone


•   WHAT IF I TOLD YOU even the things that people do to you are actually for you and that you can forgive and heal the parts of yourself that drew those situations into your life

•   AND that you can get to know and embrace yourself and who god created you to be all over again

•   AND that everything you need is within you and all you need is some direction on how to awaken and listen to your inner voice

•   and that you have the power to do anything you set your mind to and all you need is the right support

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All of what you are looking for, can be found within you.  We know just how to pull it out.

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The F.R.E.E. Her Retreat is especially for you!

It is a 4 days/3 nights self-love experience like none other you have ever seen.  On top of the full Spa Castle spa day which includes a 60 minute personal massage, meals prepped daily by a chef, lodging, journal, and Naked & Unafraid T-Shirt, you can expect to leave the retreat having learned tools that will help you

  • Effectively communicate what you want or need 

  • Take action on ideas and opportunities quickly.

  • Establish a community of support for your vision and dreams.

  • Make connections between your past, present, and future.

  • Deepen your spiritual self awareness.

  • Be able to embrace your rarity and the rarity of others.

  • Be confident with and in your body.


Snippets of last year’s retreat experience

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F.r.e.e. her Retreat & Book Collaboration

September 12 - 15, 2019

Dallas, Tx

The life of your dreams begins where your past hurt ends

I believe you are ready  to embrace your dreams.


Every retreat attendee gets to participate in the Naked and Unafraid Book Collaboration too!


See why you need to be there.

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we know this will bless you


Because we have been where you are.  Looking for something outside ourselves, that could be found within.

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Launched in late 2017, the Naked and Unafraid Women's Empowerment Movement was birthed from the divine connection of two women -- Jamella Stroud and Allison Arnett -- who started out as entrepreneurial friends and grew into spiritual sisters. Their relationship has given them a space to be transparent enough to find healing of past wounds and grow on their journey towards wholeness together in which they want to share with women everywhere, whom they consider as sisters.

These sisters are women who are tired of just looking good on the outside and want to feel good on the inside, women who desperately want to stop the emotional bleeding, women who want to develop authentic and transparent relationships and experience real love. This also consists of professional, business women who show up daily but are suffering emotionally in silence and women who experience freedom in all parts of life -- spiritually, emotionally, professionally, financially and physically.

Jamella and Allison want their sisters to know they are not alone as ”we are one and we are here with you.” They want every woman to know that their story is powerful and releasing it will liberate them and bring freedom in all aspects of their life. The Naked and Unafraid Movement seeks to unleash this healing and uncover aspects of life that can thrive as a result.

The F.r.e.e. her Retreat Experience is how we will share our sisterhood with you.


So, what's happening at the retreat?


This experience is all inclusive!  All you need to do after purchasing your ticket is get here!

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Here's what's yours:

•  4 days / 3 Nights in a Cozy Dallas Home

•  Daily Meals prepared by a Chef

•  5 Empowerment Sessions

•  Full Day at Spa Castle

•  60 minutes massage

•  30 minute photoshoot with 100 images and 3 edits

•  Makeover for Photoshoot

•  Naked & Unafraid Journal

•  Naked & Unafraid T-Shirt

This is for the woman who owns her femininity and glory. It’s for the woman who desires to walk in and obtain the highest level of success that’s available to her. It’s for the brave woman who is willing to escape the ordinary and be extraordinary in life, relationships, family, business and her community.

Are you that woman?

Only 7 spots remain.

Secure yours today.

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And what’s included in the book collab?

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Become a bestseller with us!

Here’s the deets….

  • Topic (title is forthcoming): A woman’s journey to freedom in her body and life. 

  • Tentative Book Release Date:  January 2020

Investment includes: 

  • 10 Printed Books 

  • Amazon Best Selling Status

  • Signature Talk Structure Training

  • Strategy for Landing Speaking Engagements

  • Training on How to Create a Course from your Chapter

  • Everything you need to write, launch, & profit from the book

  • Naked and Unafraid All-Inclusive Retreat Experience in Dallas, TX Sept 12 - 15, 2019 (4 days/3nights, Full Spa Day, 1 Hour Massage, Meals Prepped by a Chef, Empowerment sessions, Body Confidence Photoshoot & Makeover) (Lodging included.  Travel is attendee’s responsibility) 

We are looking for 10 co-authors/retreat attendees and have only 6 slots remaining… is one of them yours?

OR nine monthly payments of $289 (final payment $150)

Can’t make the retreat? Only want the book? Click here for one or the other.

Or join us as an Ambassador for just nine monthly payments of $235

PS:  No, you don't need to be a writer to participate!  Stop second guessing and join us.


Your life of FREEdom is waiting for you.

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