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Allison Denise

Meet Allison Denise, Book and Brand Designer and 2x Best-Selling Author. She has built her brand from the ground up using everything she's learned along the way. Fun facts: Allison is a degree accountant AND self-taught graphic designer with over 12 years in the industry. She's had the pleasure of designing beautiful boss brands and book covers for several speakers, authors, coaches, and creative writers over the last three and a half years as a full-time entrepreneur.

Allison Denise has a heart for women in business and finds joy in helping women influencers and authors increase their impact, influence, AND income by helping them design and launch beautiful books and brands . When she is not designing you can find her in Houston, TX loving on her three babies and being an advocate for self-love and self-acceptance via her Naked and Unafraid Women’s Empowerment Movement. Learn more and connect with Allison Denise on her website or on all social media @imallisondenise