You’re greatness is not what you have,

it’s what you give.

Women’s lives across the globe are being positively impacted by the #1 Best Selling Book: Body Talk - Finding the Beauty in You.

It started with a life transforming experience at the Naked and Unafraid 2018 Retreat where chains were broken and bonds were born.

The 2018 NAU Retreat paved the way for 10 brave women to share their stories of learning to love themselves inside and out. Traveling across the US during the Body Talk Book Tour, we have heard women, young girls, and even men share how important continuing to this conversation is. With shares from one man saying: “this helped him see that bravery is not just a macho thing” and women feeling safe enough to openly share how they’ve been able to forgive past abusers and feel confident when they walk past a mirror again. This is what empowerment is. Positively affecting the hearts and minds of those around us.

This is why we are hosting the retreat and book collaboration again this year.

Our Naked and Unafraid Retreat, will take place on September 12 - 15, 2019 in Dallas, TX. Our theme this year is F.R.E.E. Her (Forgive, Restore, Enlighten, Empower) and we’re looking to give away retreat spaces to five (5) women who wish to attend but are financially challenged.

We can meet our goal with the help of businesses like yours who value community and empowering positivity.

We have Sponsorship Opportunities starting from $500. The $2500 and $5000 Sponsorship Options include Retreat & Book Collaboration seats. Would you consider sponsoring the FREE Her Retreat, to help us give away retreat spaces to five (5) women who wish to attend but are financially challenged?

See the the promotional opportunities available to your business in exchange for your sponsorship below.

We hope that we can count on your help to make this year’s event one our best yet!

Thank you in advance for your sponsorship! We look forward to empowering women with you!

More info and donation link can be found here: