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Clarissa Pritchett

Clarissa Pritchett is an Integrative Nutrition Health and Life Coach, Empowerment Speaker, Author, and Army Medical Service Corps Officer. Clarissa is a wife of nine years and mom to three beautiful boys. Clarissa is passionate about health and wellness and has served numerous clients over the past 17 years in the health and medical field. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Education, a Master’s Degree in Public Health Nutrition and numerous certifications in the fitness and nutrition field. She is the founder of Healthy Family Kitchen and provides women/families with nutrition programs and strong faith-fueled recipes for life. Clarissa is also the founder of Empire Posh Queens and mentors women to start home businesses while promoting Sisterhood, Self-Care, and Service to those in need. She loves to encircle and uplift women to live healthy lives. She has written over 15 fifteen recipe e-books including health and wellness programs. She is a sought- out Speaker and Resilience Instructor for the military, wellness companies, and local churches to share her story of overcoming health/life challenges and to motivate women with their health and life goals. Clarissa is a short, sweet, and spicy mixed salad sistah that keeps it real, raw and organic about how she overcame many health challenges and body issues. Overall, her favorite things in life are Jesus, family, friends, cooking, and eating food, especially tacos, donuts, and chocolate!

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