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Jamella Stroud

Jamella Stroud, CEO and Founder of Naked & Unafraid Movement, is an international transformational speaker, author, and coach who values Jesus, family, community, and building relationships. After leaving her first career as a tax accountant to pursue her life’s work and launched her second business Surge Coaching & Consulting. Jamella prides herself on her ability to bring a sudden, strong burst of energy, creativity, new ideas and thinking to her client interaction disturbing the norm, and status quo, pushing boundaries within clients so they can thrive and be their best self.

As the a Co-founder NAU Women's Empowerment Jamella is able to offer women a brave space to be transparent, vulnerable, authentic and free with themselves and on another's. The movement help women to gain self-awareness, deepen spirituality, and receive a community of support. Jamella can offer this to women because she received it herself after spending years on her own personal, relational and spiritually developed she was able to find peace and recover from an eating disorder.