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Melissa Lynn

Melissa Lynn is a mother, an entrepreneur, a survivor of abuse, and a self-love advocate. Motivated by her own journey to reconnect with her authentic self, Melissa released 115 pounds of weight that was no longer serving her highest potential. Dropping the stories of her past, she continues to make decisions that align with her own inner peace and happiness. Melissa discovered how to truly find balance and live her healthiest happiest most abundant life possible.

Melissa believes it is her soul's calling to mentor, support, and coach others in finding their own unique path to living a life filled with purpose wellness and happiness. Melissa is a certified Life Coach as well as a certified Nutrition/Health Coach. Melissa is the owner of Lissa Lynn LLC, where she practices a holistic approach to whole-body health and wellness, looking at how all areas of life are connected and how each impacts the other. Contact Melissa for a complimentary discovery session today!  

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